Sunday, July 11, 2004

The City That Never Sleeps With Me

OK, so I've been in New York for just over 24 hours now, and I'm having a good time, although I'm worried I'll run out of money long before this tour is set to end. I'm playing a show on wednesday but I also really want to go to Cinema Classics or Invite Them Up or whatever that cool comedy thing on wednesdays is here in 'da city'. I'll post my tour dates at the bottom of this lil blog entry as well.

I'm tired right now. I'm planning on eating wings soon though, so that will probably give me an energy that vegetarians only dream about. Do vegetarians dream at all? I've always wondered.

Anyway, last night's show went real cool. I was amazed at the amount of pals and people I'd invited who came--Julie, the editor of Two Drink Minimum(an itnernet comedy magazine, at, designed by a guy named Dan who was there too) showed up and was very cool. Adam Green showed as well, which was a really, really nice surprise. I interviewed him at the beginning of the year and got his email address from him at his show, so I invited him down to the show, and he actually came, and enjoyed it. That's cool shits, if you axe me. Check out for more info.

I really want to see both Dodgeball and Anchorman. Which should it be? Oh, by the way, do you know how scary it is knowing your parent's car is parked somewhere on an NY street, just waiting to be barfed or shitted on or smashed up by an anti-semite? I'm so scurred.

Oh, and how did the set go last night? Pretty good. I did like twenty minutes, and closed with an impression. The crowd liked it, and a lot of people remembered me from the Piano's show. It was very dark in there and I had no beer tickets. Besides that it was good.

The only bummer so far is that I lost a disposable camera and that I still have a hairy potbelly. Here urr the turr dates:
7/12/2004 - CAMBRIDGE (BOSTON), MA
T.T. The Bear's Place
10 Brookline St. Cambridge, MA 02139
8:30 PM doors $8

7/13/2004 - PROVIDENCE, RI '
The Century Lounge
15 Elbow
8:00 PM doors $8

7/14/2004 - BROOKLYN, NY
125 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217
doors:7:30 PM

7/16/2004 - BALTIMORE, MD
2549 North Howard St Baltimore, MD 21218
9 PM doors $8

July 18th-8 PM-Piano's-Opening for the Whitest Kids U Know-Free-

Yay! See ya soon.


PEE ON ME said...

Hello. I miss you. No one here is making me laugh. I hope the tour is going well & please come home soon!

FYI: You should probably shit on your own car first before anyone else does.

Bossu said...

dude...dodgeball or anchorman...seen both and both fucking rule yo! tough decision. hope all is good. and this is jaime in case you not know