Saturday, June 19, 2004

saturday is true hump day

I WISH! I rarely hump on saturdays, actually. It's supposed to be a day of recreation, and I consider sexualness to be work, so none of that, thank you. It's really more of a tuesday thing for me.
Sadly, I went to get another $15 fifteen minute massage yesterday. At this stage I'd like to think it's a legitimate place of backrubbery, but doubts are beginning to cloud my mind. For instance, often during the massage, the masseuse's long hair would often drag against the length of my back, almost sensually.
That, to me, is a bit more erotic than your average doctor approved back fixin'.

I'm listening to Proof from D12's new solo album, and it rules pretty good. I am impressed, Mr.Proof.
I'm doing comedy at the Casbah in Hamilton tonight, I THINK. Who really knows? I'm very non plussed at the moment. However, on the huge plus side, I have secured a tour with Neil Hamburger in early july, so I really couldn't be happier. Actually, now that I think of it, this week will rule!

Tuesday June 22nd:

I'm DJing! My friend Erin aka DJ Classic Bar Music is also sharing duties with me. It will ruleth.
It's at the Silver Dollar. Show up at 10 or something and get shitfaced. 5 Dolla, but let me know and I'll see what I can do about the 'jest list'.

Thursday June 24th

8 PM-Hot Box Cafe in Roach O Rama--MAD LAFFS DONE BY ME. $5. You are stoned.

10 PM-I'm at Rancho Relaxo opening up for The Bicycles and Fox The Boombox

I don't know what else I'm doing...more shows I guess. I am downcast, but only at this very moment, and presumably after the dogfuck that this Hamilton show will probably be.

Again, on the plus side, I'm going to the MMVA afterparty tomorrow, so perchance I'll blow a celeb.

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