Saturday, June 05, 2004

OK, I told you all that lyrics were forthcoming, and they are. Here is one.


I'm sorry boss, I'm late for work
I had to snowboard the everglades
then I ate sushi while playing halo online
with virtual dudes and babes
then I two-way'd my dealer, Ray
we snarfed coke off razor blades
watching "Bumfights" while at a rave
smoking 'wet' with southern rappers at a rave

Gambling with sherpas--Extreme Lifestyle
Battling herpes--Extreme Lifestyle
Surfing On Volcanos extremely
On peyote wrestling water buffalos extremely

I like to drink chocolate martinis while rock climbing
while wearing a bearskin fur coat without perspiring
boulder punching contest with Vin Deisel
Skateboarding backwards, after injecting myself with measles
Ollying the universe, my blood is mountain
there's a digital clock inside my shoe
watching "bumfights" at a rave
smoking with southern rappers at a rave

rpt. Gambling with...end

Yaaaaaaaay! EL04 is such fun song. Maybe I tell you of days past in a few hours. Until then, please surf on a volcano extremely for me.

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