Monday, June 14, 2004


Once again, I give you an unrelated but eye-catching subject heading. I don't really think Michael Moore is a stupid. I think he is merely a fat.

So week two of "5 Short Plays of a Curious Nature" went down yesterday, and it was fine. Everybody was tired, and I was just happy I didn't forget any lines. I really enjoy this acting bullshit. It's like taking a vacation as a job, except the vacation is with excitable fools as fellow travelers. I'm being the theatre person high school never allowed me to be, and it's giving me a half bone.

I just sent in a bunch of CD reviews and am semi-satisfied with myself. Never a good way to be. The Brutal Knights show on saturday was true blast, in the literal sense of the word. A blast to the nose! A blast of bad smell from Planet Kensington, into the mouths and nostrils of all in attendance.
It actually did go pretty well, especially for a first show. People were having fun and the band played super-tight. My voice was a bit shot/shoddy, but my charisma of 18 won over the punx.

Thanks to the resourceful Steve Himmelfarb, I'm now set up to play a show on the 24th at Rancho Relaxo with The Bicycles and a bunch of other rad projects. It should be real fun, real real fun. Actual fun. Whoooo!

And also I'll be doing some comedy at the Drake on June 28th as part of some kind of art/video/music showcase event that costs two ballers to get in.

I'm out beyatches. Catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

Keep writing N.F. I need to keep
up on your awesome career.

BTW, have you been watching "Last
Comic (stinking) Standing"?

-Rebecca Young

Anonymous said...

Reb! How lovely to see you in der comments for der blog.
I'm glad you like my 'career'. I also want to like it.
I haven't watched much of LCS, but saw a couple of episodes last week and remained hateful of comedy in general. It's hard to motivate yourself to be a part of such a questionable vocation. But really I'm just looking for excuses not to try. Hope you're good. Are you?