Friday, June 25, 2004

Laughing on the Outside

I currently have a copy of "Laughing on the Outside", an unauthorised John Candy biography by Martin Knelman, sitting next to my computer.
It's for reading when waiting for this rickety macintizosh to "boot up", as they call it in the biz. The book is a fascinating read, although the unauthorisedness of it leads to many anecdotes of Candy slighting friends without details provided or even a rudimentary defense of his actions. Unfair to Candy.
Also, I guess Knelman doesn't know the world's #1 rule-"if you are heavy and funny, you're allowed to be an asshole, because you will die young."
I am so tired right now. Got some work to do this weekend, and then more and more shows, and yet less and less money. Basically, the point of this entry is to remind all readers that John Candy is funny. As Rumsfeld might say, mission accomplished.

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