Thursday, June 17, 2004

Days of ice cream, guiltless fatness, and unlimited cum

So far this summer has been beautiful. I've been doing comedy sets if various lengths and amount of laughs, but it's been altogether fun.
My friend Jeremy's play Cocklength at the Drake was a huge blast of fun that was both hilarious and honest, but mostly hilarious. Then the Brutal Knights show was also fun and rocking. I threw water and beer onto the audience, and our smash hit Filthy U was weel received. The only problem is our guitarist's guitar exploded.
Dan Burke also capped his delightful turn in Cocklength by fighting the sound guy at the Silver Dollar because he wouldn't let Dan turn up the Ohio Players.
I think that small anecdote rules. My friends from San Francisco are coming to town next week and I'm very excited.

Doing comedy tonight at the Poor Alex, tomorrow at Gorilla Monsoon's on Queen West at 9 30, then at the house party, then in Hamilton on saturday, and then on Monday at the Gladstone at 9 30, and then on tuesday at the Silver Dollar with Burning and DJing on the 22nd...
and then like three times on the 24th...the friggin' laughs do not stop, even if they are wanted to be stopped.

Do I have any other funny stories to share? Oh, I don't know. Dan Burke ate lunch with me on tuesday, the day of Cocklength. He bought me a pulled pork sandwiches.
Eating sandwiches with a notoriously gross-faced, noble, lost and horrific booker is quite the time, let me just say. Thank you for letting me just say.
Keep on being my friends. Thanks!

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