Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dale Earnheardt lost the race war

How come that was never a subject on Win Ben Stein's Money? I am bushed right now. My friends Allyson and Erin got in from America on monday, and I've been alternately working at stuff and lazing, as is my wont.
Did comedy opening for Burning last night and had a blast. This upcoming tour with Neil Hamburger weighs heavily on my already fat mind; I need to somehow travel lots and have places to stay; so far the only place that I have no prospects in is Hoboken, NJ.
I'm really looking forward to joking for Americans. Their stupid malleability will allow me to control them via my JFK impressions.
It's a lovely day so I'm gonna get off the comp, but a quick recap of upcoming shows:

Thursday, June 24--An appearance at the Hot Box Cafe round 8. Then Rancho Relaxo around 930 or 10. First show is $5, second is PWYC.

Monday, June 28--Drake Hotel--Notes From The Underground-Doing Standup-$2. More details soon.

Sunday, June 27--Last night of the play I'm in at the Oasis, Short Plays of a Curious Nature. It's $5 and starts at 8. It should be fun.

July 3-Ania's on Queen St. W, next to suspect--Brutal Knights are playing with a few bands. Be dere.

Plus there will probably be a myriad of open mics as well, but you may want to skip those unless forced to attend, ie you are me.

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