Thursday, June 10, 2004

"Blogkick" Me Jesus

Today I reek of B.O. It is a terrible thing. Last night I rehearsed musically and sort of lost my voice, which seems to be a trend for me when I practice music.
I wonder if my body sweats more to tell me my voice is lost? That would be weird.
I also have had like four people refer to me as 'eccentric' of late. Is this a compliment, a codename for gay, or both of those things?
After losing my voice yesterday, I decided the right thing to do would be to lose some money as well. So I went and visited my friend Jaime and we went to a bar where there would supposedly be cheap drinks.
These drinks were once $3, but upon our arrival we realised the price had been upped to $4, and considering they weren't giving quarters as change, often a dollar was the de rigeur tip, meaning drinks were ultimately five dollars. Not toooooooooo pricey I suppose, but far from a bargain.
That's the kind of stuff that makes me want to die and think that life is ultimately bullshit. I guess we all have buttons that suck when pushed! Mine are high price buttons!

I really should lay off the exclamation points. I'm thinking of writing a joke about how whenever I write emails to people whose first language isn't english, I tend to employ the use of more exclamation points. Why is that? The reason will inevitably wind up the punchline.

You may have noticed I've been subtly leaning the wording of this entry so that I could easily segue into discussion of comedy and upcoming events I'm rocking. So let's begin.

First off, I think I'm gonna go to the Poor Alex tonight at 9 30 and try to get some comedy done. Not 100% sure of it yet, but if you're in the nabe, drop by.

Then on saturday it's the Brutal Knights, Bush League, Bayonettes show aqt Planet Kensington.
On sunday I think I'll do comedy at Einstein's, after I perform in this play that we're doing at the Oasis at 745. Come down if you'd like!It's $5.

Then on Monday, the 14th, I'll be doing more comedy at Oasis. I think the show is PWYC or free, and after my set there I'm gonna head to the fuse room on the north side of college near bathurst and do more comedy.

Then tuesday Brutal Knights play with Burning and Don Cash at the Silver Dollar.

All this advertising of my shit is tuckering me the fuck out. That's why I'm swearing so much. I do that when I'm tuckered out.
I love you all.


PEE ON ME said...

Events & Concerns in longwinded Paragraph format: Dear diary; Being eccentric is almost like having chancroid. What is chancroid you ask? Well, chancroid is a highly contagious yet curable sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Haemophilus Ducreyi (hum-AH-fill-us DOO-cray). Chancroid causes ulcers, swelling, itching and burning usually of the genitals. Swollen, painful lymph glands, or inguinal buboes (in-GWEEN-al BEW-boes), in the groin area are often associated with chancroid. Left untreated, chancroid may facilitate the transmission of HIV. Many eccentric people have swollen genitals. In addition, I like you anyways.

CFO - Chief Fellating Officer

Bossu said...

FLANS! hey jaime here..just wanted to say hey...and i have a blog too!! haha...
check it

Flans said...

Townz!!! That's rad you have a B-log. How is the life? According to some of your recent bloggery, you are bored. Or as you might say, bo'd. Anwyay, come see Burtal Knights today or tuesday, or just link my blog, I'll do the same(even though don't know how), and we'll be internet friends. I trust we'll see each other tonzzzz come the 22nd.