Friday, May 21, 2004

Right now I should be eating lunch at a Velvet Revolver press conference, but instead I'm just in my house, scared to leave. I fear the outside world, because it makes me want to smoke.
Also, how on Earth could I possibly tear myself away from listening to the new Lionel Richie album "Just for You"? I couldn't.
Hey, if you went to the Poor Alex in hopes to see some comedy of mine, you were probably stymied, as I did not perform last night. I am booked for next week though. So, to break it down, here's some upcoming shows:

Sunday May 23-Old York Tavern-930 PM start-free-south of King on Tecumseth
This is another semi-open mic, so expect a lot of comedians, and probably a Holly Jones joke. I think comedians like to dare themselves to tell stuff like Holly Jones jokes to make them feel like 'yeah I could be edgy if I wanted to. I have no fear!'
I actually think most of my tasteless jokes are meant to highlight our fears and not show that I have none. Doth that make sense? I wouldn't even know how to write a Holly Jones joke. I do have a friend who accidentally ate cake while sitting on her memorial spot outside of a church.
I guess I digressed. More shows:

Roach-O-Rama-Kensington Mkt-Thursday May 27-8PM-$5
The last time I was there, it was odd but fun. The kind of place that has one sketchy heckler shouting non-sequiters, which somehow highlights the comedian's unecessary role in society.

That same day...

Poor Alex Theatre-Brunswick south of Bloor-Thursday May 27-10 PM-PWYC-
I like this room, and it's near my house. Perhaps this is true of you also? Probably the funniest booked open stage in the city at the moment, but I have a bad sense of humour so what do I know?

The Loft-somewhere on Dufferin-opening for THE CATHETERS and THE SOURKEYS-$6-9PM-Sunday May 31
Excited about this one. A rock show. I like the Catheters. Have no idea what or where exactly the Loft is, but as long as there is brew present I will burp.

I did a set at an open mic the other night. It was well received. I hate the atmosphere of most open mics. I really think it should be illegal to have more than five comedians in the same room at the same time. The thing I hate about comedians is they all either obviously cry too much or not at all.

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