Sunday, May 30, 2004

Have you checked out yet?
It's such a most radical website; I discovered it months and months ago when it was just Richard Pryor's blog, but now it's updated, and you can download hilarious audio, order some awesome Pryor product, check out tons of cool photos from his personal collection, read his online diary(containing such gem lines as 'George W Bush looks like he hasn't got pussy since the last time he did a line'), and indulge in discourse on a message board with his wife Jennifer Lee-Pryor and other "Pry-heads", as they're called. It is currently my favourite thing about the internet.
The bullshit MS disease is hard for him, but he's still a sharp and hilarious guy.

As for me, my friend Eunice is in town, and we're having fun. That may be a lie. Actually, I think I'm showing her a horrific time.
Yesterday, I took her to the Adam Macfawn birthday roast at The Old York Tavern, where the delightful Pee On Me(hotly representin'!) and her pals and family were the main audience, and it had enough harsh moments for me to question the validity of comedy in general.
I wanted to go to various indie concerts and events also occuring yesterday, but this roast wound up taking longer than I thought. Still, it was A.M's b-day, and he is a nice man who I was glad to see the man turn 32.

Other things of note: the smoking of opiates, my friendly neighbourhood coffee shop, The Green Room, freaking out visitors, humourous polaroids being taken of my cat, platonic spooning, the combination smell of antiperspirant and perspiration, and unfulfilled promises of watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs.
I have some bullshitty work to do. Working makes me so angry. At the top of this entry is a picture of Eunice and me and her pal Dan whilst in "The City".

I'll write more about the shows maybe in a lil tiny while. I can't wait to play with grungy upstarts the Catheters at some Loft party tomorrow. I feel so hip playing at a loft.


Flans said...

I couldn't get the picture to get there. I also don't know how to hyperlink. Why is the internet so complicated yet also so stupid?

Anonymous said...

FYI: Being funny is WAY hotter than being able to hyperlink. (Except if you're Aaron Berg.....)

Lyrae said...

Man, I had the weirdest dream last night, that we started dating. It's particularly creepy because we've never met (though I have seen your comedy act). Anyway we did some making out and there was this weird component where I was making sculptures out of my excess internal organs. Can't explain it.

Flans said...

How odd. I agree that the internal organ aspect is the oddest. Were we doing anything specifically datey? Like, were we holding hands leaving a movie or something?
It's so pleasant picturing me dating. Did we seem to have a good relationship?

Lyrae said...

I think we were happy. We did a lot of spooning and making out. You were annoyed that I kept making those sculptures, though. I think you were losing patience.