Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Just wanted to grab your attention. It's 3 PM, I'm in my bathrobe and it's a weekday.
Something seems wrong that this is my daily lifestyle. Perhaps depressed? But why?
Maybe it's because of the Mideast situation. Maybe after I masturbate I'll discover the reason.
My May 2-4 was alright, but kinda too broke to be fun. Still, I drank a Mai Thai at some point and that was good.
Also told jokes. At least I think they were jokes. So many other dudes were telling jokes that night that i don't even remember my gags. I may have said something about cats with scabies.

I really want to write a work of fiction--maybe I should start with the 2000 election? Hahahaha. Ehhhh.

Here's some shows I be playing soon. Comment and let me know if I should print my Brutal Knights lyrics up in herrre.

Thursday-8 PM-Hot Box Cafe-Roach O Rama-Kensington Market-$5

Thursday 10 PM-Poor Alex-Brunswick south of bloor-PWYC

Saturday-Opening for Adam Mcfawn around 9@The Old York on Tecumseth south of King

Monday, May 31-The Loft-1266 Queen st. W-Buzzer 1-Opening for The Catheters, who rock, and The Sour Keys as well as Look What You Did

I'm also setting up mad june and July shows. It's all very fucking exciting. Sweet words about those coming right up, beeytches.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cats! Scabies! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Cats! Scabies! Awesome.

PEE ON ME said...

Nick...Clean out your e-mail inbox. Some fuckface named "Mailer-Daemon" sent back my e-mail. Keep it real!

Flans said...

OK, now try to email. I exercised daemon.